Technical Documentation

Here are some useful links and basic information for software developers who are integrating GenomeSpace services with their software applications and tools. These are working documents, subject to change. We welcome feedback from early adopters.


  1. Architecture Overview (PDF)
  2. Adding a Tool to GenomeSpace
  3. OpenId Integration
  4. Re-launch Avoidance Code (JRAC)
  5. Setting Up Your Own GenomeSpace Instance

GenomeSpace Service Interfaces

GenomeSpace services are REST-based web services. Java-based software applications may prefer to use the GenomeSpace CDK which wraps these REST services and provides a Java API. Both of these interfaces are described in these documents:

  1. Java Client Development Kit (CDK) Documentation
  2. Analysis Tool Manager (ATM) RESTful API
  3. Data Manager (DM) RESTful API
  4. Identity Server RESTful API
  5. Data Source Lightweight Integration (deprecated)

GenomeSpace Server URLs

GenomeSpace tools using the REST API should do runtime discovery of the base server URL.  The CDK already does this.  Base URLs for prod, test, dev, and ci servers are obtained by doing an HTTP GET from this following URL.  The "prod" prefix indicates URLs on the production server.