The GenomeSpace project is ending

The GenomeSpace project servers are shutting down on November 15, 2019 due to expiration of its NHGRI funding. We would like to thank all GenomeSpace users for their support and for all the important science they have done on the platform over the last nine years. 


GenomeSpace-enabled tools are separately funded and will continue to be available subject to their own lifecycles, but any connection to GenomeSpace or GenomeSpace-hosted files will cease with the termination of the servers. If you do not remember your login credentials for any individual tools that you rely on, you should use the ‘forgot password’ links on their websites to reset your login credentials.


NOTE: We are unable to archive any data you have in your GenomeSpace account.  Therefore, if you wish to retain copies of such data you should transfer them to your own storage from GenomeSpace before the termination date. After that time they will be deleted from the GenomeSpace servers as part of the shutdown process. Data that you host on other platforms (Dropbox, S3, Google Drive) and have connected to your GenomeSpace account will not be affected.

If you have any questions, please contact the GenomeSpace team at

The GenomeSpace Team