InSilico DB

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InSilico DB is a web-based genomics data manager containing thousands of curated public datasets.  The datasets can be exported to analysis tools and GenomeSpace.

Because InSilico DB is a data source, you cannot export files to InSilico DB from GenomeSpace.

Signing In

If you launch InSilico DB from GenomeSpace and you are not previously signed into InSilico DB, you should click Sign in/sign up in the top right corner of the window.

Sign in using your GenomeSpace account via OpenID.

You can also register for an InSilico DB account or login separately to your InSilico DB account.

Click to get to the search page.

Sending Data from InSilico DB to GenomeSpace

To move data from InSilico DB to GenomeSpace:

1. Search by keyword or series GSE identifier.

2. Click the Export button on the study you want to export to GenomeSpace.

3. Select GenomeSpace and click away from the button, then click Export again.

4. The export preparation may take some time.  When you see a dialog box that notifies you that the export is ready, click Open in GenomeSpace.  You will be redirected to GenomeSpace.


Read more documentation on how to load GEO data from InSilicoDB to GenomeSpace.

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