System Status

The GenomeSpace project ends on November 15, 2019 due to expiration of its NHGRI funding. Please save any data from your GenomeSpace account by transferring it to your own storage before that date. More details at


Update:  Galaxy developers are hoping to restore GenomeSpace connectivity later this month (April, 2019).
We just learned that Galaxy has deployed a new version which is not compatible with GenomeSpace. Because funding for the GenomeSpace project ends soon we will not be able to make the changes required to continue communication between Galaxy and GenomeSpace. We sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause you.  However, we note that to the best of our knowledge all of the other GenomeSpace member tools remain accessible. 
Currently all systems are operating normally.

The GenePattern server is moving to  This new home allows it to provide more flexible compute power & support the growing analysis needs of the genomics research community, while remaining a free resource to the community. This new GenePattern instance is available to be added to your GenomeSpace toolbars now, and the old one will be removed Wed November 28th at noon EST.  After that time the retiring GenePattern instance will be removed from the GenomeSpace toolbar, though you will still be able to export files to GenomeSpace from it.
Currently, all systems are operating normally.

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