What Can GenomeSpace Do For Tool Developers?

Your tool is automatically connected to the wider community of GenomeSpace tools

By participating in the GenomeSpace community, your tool will be exposed to more potential users.

GenomeSpace makes it easier to provide cloud data storage to your users

Centralized cloud-based access-anywhere storage is increasingly in demand, and GenomeSpace provides it, along with easy routes for getting the data files from that storage to your tool, as well as other tools.

GenomeSpace provides OpenID login support to web-based tools

Users can associate their acounts on GenomeSpace tools with their GenomeSpace account, and the OpenID login support enables them to move easily between the tools with a minimum of logins.

Easily move data from GenomeSpace data sources into your tools

Not only analysis output files from other analytical tools are available via GenomeSpace: GenomeSpace is also connected to data sources so that it is simple to pull data from them into your tool. A number of web-based data sources are being integrated and more will continue to be added over time.

Easily connect your tool to GenomeSpace

GenomeSpace tools include both web-based and desktop applications.  GenomeSpace provides both a RESTful API or a Java-based client development kit (CDK) for optimal integration.

GenomeSpace integrates into the UIs of both desktop and web-based tools

Some tools have UI elements linked to GenomeSpace, others have GenomeSpace menu items.  The integration of GenomeSpace depends on you and your tool's interface, and it works with both desktop and web-based tools. Your tool retains its own look, feel, identity, and branding.

GenomeSpace works with the data types you already have and does not require you to change those data types

GenomeSpace integrates conversion scripts that help data files move from tool to tool, and when you join the GenomeSpace community, your tool's data types can be added to the available conversions.

For command-line applications, there are GenomeSpace tools that can allow your app to participate as a plug-in, tool, or module

Tools like Cytoscape, Galaxy, and GenePattern allow developers to wrap their code and make it available to users, and their integration with GenomeSpace opens up not only their own audience, but the audience of other GenomeSpace tools.

GenomeSpace is open source software

GenomeSpace is available on version 2.1 of the LGPL license and all source code is publicly available.