Load Data from UCSC Genome Browser to GenomeSpace

1. Launch UCSC Table Browser from GenomeSpace.

Click the UCSC Table Browser icon in the Data Sources toolbar to launch it.

2. Locate data in UCSC Table Browser and send to GenomeSpace.

  1. Enter your selections to retrieve the data track you want.
  2. In the output format line, select the check box next to GenomeSpace.

  1. In the output file field, specify the name of your output file. 

There are two options for this:

  • You can provide a file name, e.g., my_tracks.  Providing a file name will save this file to the top level of your GenomeSpace directories (/Home/[username]).
  • You can provide a path.  Specifying a path will save the file to the specified directory under your GenomeSpace home directory. For example, specifying datasets/study1/my_tracks will save your file to the /Home/[username]/datasets/study1 directory.

NOTE: You must add the correct extension to your file name. If, for instance, you select BED in the output format drop-down, you will need to add .bed to your output file name.  The UCSC Table Browser does not do this for you, and some of the GenomeSpace tools depend on the file extension to determine file type.

  1. Click get output.  This will save your track file to the specified GenomeSpace directory.

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