Upload Data to GenomeSpace

In GenomeSpace:

  1. Select one or more files in your desktop file manager (e.g. Windows Explorer, Mac OSX Finder)


  1. Drag the files over the GenomeSpace user interface directory where you want them uploaded to.  The icon will change to a green '+' sign and the folder where they will be uploaded to will change to have a yellowish-green background.

  1. Release the mouse button to drop the file(s). If you drop the file(s) onto a subdirectory, the GenomeSpace user interface will open that directory and upload the file(s) to there. If you drop the files anywhere else in the currently displayed directory, either on a file name and or on white space in the display, the files(s) will be uploaded to the current directory.

  2. To see recent uploads, you can click on the View > Recent uploads  menu item.  This will show a dialog that tracks your upload queue.  You can dismiss the dialog by clicking Close

For more information about drag-and-drop uploads to GenomeSpace, see the GenomeSpace blog post.


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