Registering & Login

Registering is simple

Click the Register button on or go to the registration page directly (Screenshot 2015.1.15).

  1. Choose a username and provide your email address.
  2. Choose a password and confirm.
  3. Click Register.
  4. Follow instructions sent to your email to complete the registration. Email links are valid for 24 hours.


Log in to GenomeSpace and linked tools using one ID

Log in using your username and password on or on Once logged in, first time users will see a welcome dialog with a tip to get started.

  • Use the Forgot your password? link to retrieve your password using either your username or email. GenomeSpace sends a temporary password to your email.

GenomeSpace login uses OpenID which allows use of your GenomeSpace username and password to log in to GenomeSpace-linked tools. For many tools this requires linking the accounts beforehand as outlined for specific tools in the Tool Guide. These tools will recognize your GenomeSpace username once you are already logged in to GenomeSpace. If you start from a specific tool website before logging in to GenomeSpace, you will need to enter your GenomeSpace credentials at the tool website to access GenomeSpace functionality for the tool.

  • It is possible to log in to a tool website without GenomeSpace credentials, using your tool-specific login information. In this case, GenomeSpace functionality for the tool is inactive. To avoid this, be sure to look for the OpenID Login field for a tool and select GenomeSpace authentication.
  • Not all tools use OpenID. Some tools require independent account verification.  

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