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The open source ISA metadata tracking tools help to manage an increasingly diverse set of life science, environmental, and biomedical experiments that employ one or a combination of technologies.

Logging In

When you launch ISAcreator from GenomeSpace, the Java application launches and gives you three options, including GenomeSpace:

Click the GenomeSpace button and you will be asked to log in with your GenomeSpace username and password. 

Once you log in, you'll be asked to select a configuration to load.  A configuration is a template for describing and curating experiments.

Opening Files from GenomeSpace

When you have logged in and have your configuration loaded, you can then load ISA-TAB datasets from GenomeSpace.  From the main menu, select load an existing isatab file.

Click search genomespace.

In the GenomeSpace dialog, browse to the directory containing your ISA-TAB datasets, select it, and click load selected.

This loads the ISA-TAB files into your investigation.

Saving Files to GenomeSpace

You can save your configuration and ISA-TAB files to GenomeSpace, using either File>save in GenomeSpace or File>save in GenomeSpace as...

For more information on defining your studies, see the ISAcreator User Manual.


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