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ArrayExpress is a repository of over 30,000 functional genomics experiments comprising nearly 1 million assays. Users can query and retrieve data in  a number of different formats including the MIAME and MINSEQE standards.

The ArrayExpress detail view for experiments provides a link you can use to send the data associated with that view (IDF, SDRF, and data files) directly to your GenomeSpace account.  To do this:

  1. Search in ArrayExpress for an experiment that contains data of interest to you.  For more information about searching the ArrayExpress experiment archive, see the ArrayExpress Help.
  2. Click the Send [experiment ID] data to GenomeSpace link on that experiment's detail page.

  1. Select the files that you want to upload to your account on GenomeSpace and click Upload.

The uploader provides the upload status of each file.  When the upload for each file is complete, a green checkmark appears next to the file name.  When all the files are uploaded, a message appears to tell you so and also provides a link to GenomeSpace.

You will find that ArrayExpress has created an ArrayExpress folder in your GenomeSpace cloud storage, with a subfolder that contains the experiment data files.  Future ArrayExpress exports will go into the ArrayExpress folder.

Note that ArrayExpress experiment data files are exported from ArrayExpress in MAGE-TAB format.


Read more documentation on how to load data from ArrayExpress into GenomeSpace.

Learn how to send data from ArrayExpress to GiTools using GenomeSpace.

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